Camira Synergy – Wool naturally

14 Apr 2020

Today we’re highlighting the high standards upheld in the standard wool range that we offer, the ‘Synergy’ range by Camira.

One of the chief components used in the upholstery of our products is the fabric. Wool is a natural material and as such has millions of years of evolutionary technology inbuilt. Woollen fibres have a microscopic armour-like coating that protects them from dust and dirt. It’s a keratin based protein and as such is 100% biodegradable.

It has a lower carbon footprint and lower embodied energy than other man made fabrics. It’s a breathable fibre enabling water to evaporate from it, it’s naturally flame retardant, hard to ignite forming a char when it does and releasing no harmful toxins in the process.

It’s totally bio-degradable, and has a much lower energy footprint and CO2 impact than other man made synthetic fibres.

Camira source this range of wool from New Zealand where it is grown by farmers that use best farming practises. The production of textiles is usually a water intensive process and as such Camira have enrolled in a ‘Wool for water’ corporate social responsibility scheme, whereby they make a donation for every meter of fabric sold to a specific ‘Water Aid’ charity called ‘Just A Drop’, enabling the build of a water installation for the Cambodian village of Kouk Srok, providing clean water and hygiene facilities, (featured below). For further details please follow this link:

One of wools best characteristics is its natural crimp which means it resists flattening and prevents wear, enabling furniture coverings which will look great for years. This in turn fits with our ethos here at loft, to create functional and stylish products that are built to last.

The full Synergy  range is available to view here