01 May 2020

As most are all too acutely aware, there is a housing shortage at present in the UK. In Northamptonshire a project by the company Etopia is using cutting edge house building technologies to address this whilst also making some of the most environmentally friendly housing yet built.

Etopia Corby a commuter town 70 minutes from London is part of an ambitious aim to increase the local population from 50 to 100K in the next ten years.

To do this the development utilises modular building practices, a strategy still trying to shake off its post war image. With a factory in Cheshire producing the modular elements, panellised walls etc and then shipping them to site, the level of precision finishing is extremely high and impressively 4 houses are able to built in the space of 34 days. Watch the build hereĀ 

The speed of building is one thing, the other that marks out this development is the environmental standards aimed for. The houses are claimed to be 10 times that of traditional building regulations for airtightness and passiveness and twice the passivhaus standard. The homes are highly energy efficient producing more clean energy than they consume, and in actually have a negative carbon footprint of -0.7 tonnes per year, an impressive feat.

The first phase of development has been completed recently and families have moved in. View more here