Greening the city Utrecht ‘s bus stops

02 Apr 2020

Poor air quality in our cities and towns is a big issue that seems to get little talked about. Though under-reported this problem affects every city dweller and causes dozens of respiratory health issues and premature deaths in the tens of thousands and that’s just in the UK!

The dutch city of Utrecht is attempting to address this evil by attempting to green every available bit of roof space in the city. Every usable roof is to be either greened with plants, mosses and sedums or have solar panels installed. The policy goes by the name of “no roofs unused”.

Adding greenery to our cities not only ameliorates the bad air quality through natural photosynthesis, putting oxygen back into the air and removing harmful toxins such as carbon monoxide but it has other benefits too. Green roofs help cool our cities, act as sinks for rain water thus helping prevent flooding and provide much needed habitats for insects and birds.

The green roofs initiative which utilises municipal grants, builds on Utrecht’s successful greening of 316 of the city’s bus stops. The bus stops have been planted with sedum roofs, feature energy efficient LED lighting and a third are fitted with solar panels; the city aims to have 100% of its public transport running on green technology by 2028.