PMMA Screen

The PMMA Screen is easy to install and can be adapted to fit all existing screens. In addition to its primary health benefits, the PMMA Screen also contributes to creating privacy and to reducing noise distraction.

Description: The screen is made from a sheet of transparent plexiglass (PMMA).
− Excellent resistance to UV radiation − Very good light transmittance 92% − Good impact resistance − Good sound and temperature insulation properties − Compliant with DIN EN ISO 7823-2

Options: Screen extensions can be attached to existing screens using metal holders (3 types depending on the existing screen type); side screens are attached in an MFC frame (as standard white MFC).

Dimensions: The screen dimensions have been set with regard to the intended purpose at a standard height of 750 mm above the desk top (for screen extensions, this is in combination with the existing screen height of 370 mm).