The future!

25 Mar 2020

A sustainable future and our place in it

The next decade poses several monumental challenges for mankind, from maintaining a global workforce in the face of increasing automation, feeding a population that is set to rise to near 10 billion by 2050, to maintaining liberal democracy in the face of rising populism.

But far and away the biggest challenge we face is in our relationship to and with the natural world. A relationship which for the last few centuries has been allowed to become dislocated to a point where we believe the human population and the rest of the living world to be two distinct things. This of course is absurd and we are now waking up to a reality where extreme weather and global warming and a whole raft of other dangers are reminding us that only at our own peril do we forget our deep connection to the natural world.

In the face of this huge predicament lies a small but vital question, “what can I do?”. Or as is the case here at Loft what can we do? And it is the same question being asked by people and businesses all over the world. Thus we are devoting this corner of the website to telling you about what we are doing in response and what other pioneers in the world of design are attempting that we find encouraging.