The Ocean Waste Project

27 Mar 2020

The ‘Ocean clean-up’ project aims to remove 90% of floating plastic from the oceans.

If you’re not aware, a gigantic amount of plastic waste finds its way into our oceans, mostly discharged by rivers emptying into the sea. Here it forms huge floating islands of plastic waste, some the size of small countries. For example, the great Pacific garbage patch is three times the size of France! Once here this large mass of plastic, which will take countless years to decompose, poses a real and present danger to sea life and the general health of the oceans.

The ambitious aim of this project is to clean 50% of the oceans floating waste every 5 years and to stop 80% of the plastic in rivers making its way to the ocean in the same time period. Further, from October of last year, passive floating interceptors have been doing this job using massive ghost nets to trap debris; capturing large pieces of plastic right down to microplastics a millimetre in size.

And what’s equally exciting is the waste plastic will, as soon as September, be transformed into useful products that will add a revenue stream to the charitable action of the company.

Learn more about the Ocean clean-up project here.