The RePlus range – UPcycling plastic waste

28 Mar 2020

One of the biggest myths relating to recycling is that products can be endlessly recycled with no loss in quality. This is sadly not the case. So much so, some critics call recycling “wish-cycling” for the fallacy that this imagining creates. Recycled plastic generally forms a product that is inferior to its previous incarnation.

This however does not always have to be the case.

We have been working with a company which takes waste plastic and upcycles it to create a material that is superior in its material strength, its appearance and its general application.

Our RePlus range of furniture takes waste plastic from single use bottles, chopping boards and ocean waste amongst others and upcycles it to a beautiful and strong plastic that we have made into stunning tables in a variety of different styles and finishes.

You can view our RePlus range here.